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The Papaya is a plant native to Mexico and Central America . It is a short-lived, fast growing herb that bears fruit. The Papaya is a pear shaped fruit that is rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin A and potassium. Papayas also contain the enzyme Papain. Papain is a digestive enzyme that is more readily found in green, unripe fruits. Papain has a mild and soothing effect on the stomach and is very useful in helping to aid digestion.

The History of the Papaya

The effectiveness of the papaya as a medicinal herb has been known since the 1700's. But it
was not until 1870 that the enzymes of the papaya were recognized medicinally. Papain is by
far the most widely studied enzyme of the papaya and has been used in many areas including:
wound care, clotting milk, treatment of jellyfish and insect stings and the treatment of
digestive problems.

Health Benefits of the Papaya Enzyme (Papain)

• Papaya enzymes can be used to treat ulcers, dissolve membranes in diphtheria and help to
reduce swelling and fever after surgery. Papain has also been used to treat cold sores and
food allergies.
• In low dosages the Papain enzyme is an excellent digestive aid. Papain helps to regulate
the bowels and helps to clean away dead tissues from the body.
• Papaya enzymes may also prove beneficial to people who suffer from lower back pain,
sprains and strains. It can also help to maintain healthy skin and boost immune system
function. Papain enzymes have been found to be extremely effective in dissolving fats to
purge and soften the skin.
• Papain can also work wonders for sports injuries because of its ability to reduce
swelling and thin mucous. Papain can be used as a treatment for a sore throat and can help
to alleviate sinus pain caused by blocked or swollen sinuses. Many people have reported a
rapid reduction in symptoms of sore throats and sinus pain after taking the Papain enzyme.

Alternative Facts about the Papaya Enzyme (Papain)

Some people can be allergic to enzymes and it is always a good idea to consult your doctor
or health nurse before you start taking any supplements. All papaya extracts including the
Papain enzyme should be avoided during pregnancy. They should also be avoided if you have a
bleeding disorder.

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